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Greetings fellow Moonlitjunkyardigans! I am your new hostESS Wata-coinkydink-not, but you can call me 'Princess of Awesome' 'Lord of all things superfly' or 'Danika'. Just letting you know, I prefer the second title because people tend to talk to me less.

My lovely assistants here have been selected through a thrilling and challenging selection process (hence why there are only 3) to guarantee you, the members, slightly above average service. Which, count your blessings, is more than you'll find in a below-average staff! So please be kind and talk to them every now and again, thank them for trying their hardest even if they fail, and talk to them (not me) if you have any complaints.

Now, I see you all trickling in here like some starving coyotes looking for a sweet hangout. Maybe you're looking for some refreshments too, but they're not free! Oh no, you have to work for them :mwahaha:

Luckily for you I'm slightly lazy, so I'll keep it easy ;)

What I want from you guys is this: Draw/write/whatever other weird talent you may have (discuss with me for authorization) a favourite couple or single character of yours in their best halloween gettup!

"But, Lord of all things superfly, what's in it for us?"  <<Let me tell you!
^^You guys by the way^^

When you submit your fabulously (hopefully scary and gory too, because it's pretty badass) ghoulish halloween pictures, you will also submit a song that best suits your theme (Please don't insert "Gangnam Style" if it's Pounce in a tutu!). This is required because I will be compiling a VIDEO MONTAGE of the featured characters!

Isn't that exciting?!? I thought so too. Gosh I'm so smart and exciting :aww:

Deadline: October 29th. No exceptions.

^^Speak to me for exceptions^^

-Ocs are allowed, but cannot be featured in the video for obvious reasons (you can substitute a canon character, however!)
-Both slash and het couples are allowed
-Single characters are allowed
-You actually need to put effort into your picture! I'm giving up a lot of potential important-stuff time for this video! XD
-Multiple entries aren't forbidden, but we can only choose one of your couples :3
-Songs must be available easily on youtube! Less work for me if I don't have to search.

**I must have a count of who is entering by October 15th. The video is happening either way, but I'd like to know ahead of time!**

I'm positive we'll have a lot of fun here in Moonlitjunkyard :) Please remember to tip your waitress (me!) and to tell your friends about how smart and exciting I am!!!

More friends = more fun! Simple physics, guys!

~Your friendly neighbourhood Moonlitjunkyard admins!
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Group Info

Now an official Sister-group of CATS-Slash!

The ALL-pairings, ALL-ideals, and ALL-fans safe group where slash and non-slasher deviants can just chill and enjoy everyone's fanliness.

What makes this group so special is that.. well, it's an awesome group!

We'll now be hosting more contests with broader topics for fans and deviants of all ages to enjoy.
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Aug 29, 2005


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